Tips for writing an essay

Why and how you can write a great essay: Secrets you already know
College can be tough, and we know it: we all were students. You have to attend classes, do homework, work on several projects at the same time and in addition to all of that, write essays in different subjects. The amount of papers to write seems never to end, so many students wonder, «Who can write my paper?» and proceed with delegating their writing assignments to more experienced people – professional writers at academic writing websites. Honestly, this is not a bad option when you are running late for all your deadlines.
However, the writing skills can become very useful when you think about saving some money in college (sometimes writing services can be expensive if you order all the essays assigned) and writing reports at work after your graduation. That is why we recommend waiting a bit with the question «Can someone write essay for me?» and try to create an essay yourself (with our help).

What about writing tips?

In fact, the whole process of writing is very simple, providing you find the time, mood, concentration, and an interesting topic to write about. Of course, in case of the failure, you can use a writing service (they even offer bonuses to lower the price, like speedypaper discount code), but why not to try first?

Put aside all distractions

We would rather scroll through Instagram than write an essay, right? Block all social networks with a special app and set a timer for the «writing period»;

Choose an attractive topic

Many essays fail just because you are trying to write something that your professor or group mates may like, but not what you like. Writing about an interesting thing is 50% of your success and writing just to write something never works;

Tell a story

First of all, your paper is a story you tell the reader, and only then an academic work structured and cited accordingly. Every story needs a conflict (between different ideas) and the author`s subjective opinion on the situation;

Make a basis

If you have no ideas about what to start with, start with a draft. Structure your essay into six parts: thesis, introduction, three paragraphs, and the conclusion. For each section, write one sentence that describes it best. Then you can just take it and develop your thought;

Pay attention to sources

The information you use should be correct and reliable; it is especially important for citing. If you search on the web, look for resources ending in gov, org or edu – these websites are more likely to provide you with relevant information;

Write the body first

When you have your main ideas written, you can easily come up with all the other parts based on that. So start with writing the main body of your essay and then move to the introduction and conclusion;

Ask a question

Most essays are not interesting because they answer the question «What?». A great essay catches the reader as it gives an answer to the question «Why?» or «How?». Compare two examples: John Snow and his role in American history. Or another one: How John Snow achieved his great reputation and changed American history? Which one sounds better?
Don`t look for standard solutions; be creative because writing essays is, first of all, based on your creativity.