Marx Changing Life In Russia In 1917

Karl Marx was a German philosopher during the Russian Revolution of 1917. He played a significant role in developing the plot of the Russian Revolution. He had many new ideas and philosophies that he wanted people to implement in society. There were many ways he collaborated about his ideas with the Russian people. He was involved throughout the Russian Revolution of 1917 as well. Karl Marx is essential to the Russian Revolution of 1917 because he was involved in society, he changed the way people looked at different topics, and he implemented his own “New Economic Policy” called Communism in society back then. 

Karl Marx was involved in society and changed the political status before the Russian Revolution started. A revolution is a sudden change in political power or organization which occurs when the population revolts against the government because they want more power and they have nothing to lose. The working class’s goal was to get Tsar Nicholas II out of power and to make their own form of government that would grant them automatic human rights no matter what. The working class revolted against working conditions and believed in a communist society as well. According to Marx “The workers, or Proletariat, would be organized and enlightened by the Communist Party, which Marx described as ‘the most advanced and resolute section of the working class, who understand the conditions and ultimate results of the Proletarian Movement’” (Hackney). It was important for the working class to change how they were treated for future generations to come. Also everyone was enlightened by the Communist Party’s ideas for society, so people revolted for better working conditions before the Russian Revolution of 1917 (Lenin, Evolution Of Marxism). Karl Marx’s ideas are significant because Karl Marx helped change the lives of the working class members and this is how he stepped into the Russian Revolution of 1917. 

Marx made dictatorship go away and made his own idea called communism which was the new way of thinking and living during the Russian Revolution. Karl Marx changed society’s way of thinking as a whole. Dictatorship was a person or group of people who had absolute power over the people in a country and that was the way it was in Russia during the Russian Revolution. Karl Marx’s new idea of communism put a unique spin on governmental techniques back then. According to Marx’s ideas, communism was a socioeconomic society structured upon the common ownership of social classes, money, and the state. Europe was going through turmoil when capitalism and dictatorship collapsed, and left communism as a new way of life for the Russian people (Sills 34-40). This was bad for the people of Russia because it escalated the Russian Revolution of 1917 as a whole. History Magazine stated, “Once all the remnants disappeared, so too would the dictatorship and the age of communism would commence” (Scribner 403-417). This is important because his thinking opened up a new political door and a door for no private property. This is just one way he made an impact during the Russian Revolution of 1917. 

Marx had his own New Economic Policy (NEP) that he implemented in society after the Russian Revolution. Karl Marx’s NEP was used in society just after the Russian Revolution of 1917 after Lenin liked his ideas and knew that Marx was right to think that way. Vladimir Lenin was a Marxist and used the New Economic Policy when he ruled the Soviet Union (USSR) after the Russian Revolution of 1917 (Fogarty, Richard). This was a big deal for communism to fully take over a society because this had never happened before. “While in power he implemented the New Economic Policy and oversaw major social reform” (Fogarty). This was a controversial topic post Russian Revolution in 1917 because people were on edge about everything due to the dilemma that they were at war with the people of Russia in the first place. Marx shaped how people thought and carried out political and governmental plans in society during the revolution. He helped keep peace between the people of Russia as well with the way his thoughts were expressed during this time. This is how Karl Marx had an impact in Russia post Russian Revolution of 1917. 

Karl Marx influenced many people and gave ideas to them throughout the Russian Revolution. Karl Marx played a big role in society for so many reasons like creating his own “New Economic Policy”, getting rid of the monarchy, and getting rid of capitalism as a whole. This is when his communism became the new way of government controlling their people and not having absolute power over their whole lives. This revolution was a very important time in our world’s history because it was a very pivotal time in terms of changes in the government. The Russian Revolution of 1917 changed our political and economic views on our government because of the ideas Karl Marx came up with during this time. Through his way of thinking, Karl Marx impacted the beginning, middle, and end of the Russian Revolution of 1917.